Driving lesson structure

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Phase 1

At Heartlands Driving School, we look at cockpit drills and safety aspects. We cover understanding of ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘when’ and ‘why’ and when necessary ‘where’. Our driving instructors also teach you the basics of the controls, steering, the clutch, brakes, gas (acceleration), mirrors, moving off and stopping. This should take about 6 – 10 hours. What people usually find difficult to master at this stage is the use of the clutch, mirror and signals. Contact us if you are in Shirley, Solihull or the wider Birmingham area. 
Phase 2
Here we cover MSM (mirror, signal, manoeuvre) and PSL (position, speed, look). We study the use of MSM and PSL when approaching junctions, as well as how to achieve the right speed and change to the right gear at the right time etc.
Phase 3
DSA call it independent learning. We call it adolescence or brick-walling. Adolescence or brick walling is trying to drive independently without the experience. It’s like a child ‘trying to run before it can walk’.
The number of driving lessons needed at this stage depends on attitude and the desire to accept additional tuition. The reason is that you start to adapt your own way of driving. Some find it difficult to accept the instructions and professional advice given, usually because of enthusiasm and the desire to drive. It is important at this stage to keep in mind what has been taught during phases 1 and 2.
All learners know what it’s like to be an adolescent which is why we also call this phase brick-walling. It entails building around your own driving style and remembering what you already know. Our advice during this phase is to be prepared to listen. The number of lessons you take at this phase will depend on your attitude, behaviour and willingness to take tuition.


C Confidence – everyone should gain this by the end of Phase 2

A Ability – some people have natural ability and some have to work on it.

V Versus (taking in professional tuition)

E Experience (lack of)
Now that you have the confidence in your ability, you will not have gained enough experience to match your desire to drive at the level you want to during Phase 3.

Phase 3
Is the most challenging stage for learner drivers. They start to question themselves – ‘why are they bothering to learn how to drive’. This is where you begin to understand ‘where’ to use the ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘why’.

Our credentials

Phase 4
This is where you gain much better understanding of what you are trying to achieve during Phase 3 and you should be able to complete it within about 10-20 lessons.
Phase 5
Here you will now begin to assimilate all the taken phases, at which point you should be able to drive competently and safely, and according to DSA standards.

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